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A passionate and dedicated team

AVA Consultancy, Inc. was founded in 2015 by seasoned project manager Arch. Andrew Paolo Ambatali along with Engr. Ace Gumafelix, who is likewise an experienced project manager,  brought together a group of like-minded young professionals who are truly passionate about the field, eager to show their expertise, and ready to blaze the trail ahead by providing reliable, quality, and expert project and construction management services.




President and Managing Director

Andrew started the firm on the principle that project and construction management services must be bespoked and tailored to the needs of every project and client.  With a degree in Architecture from the University of the Philippines and over a decade of experience in the field, he seeks to make a change in the industry by turning project management into a proactive relationship with clients, thus going beyond its traditional scope which simply covers paperwork and documentation.  As President, Andrew sets the overall direction of the company and its associates, while making sure he is on top of every project to help clients build better.


Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Ace ensures that there are continuous improvements on the systems and technical operations of AVAC,  that these are always at par with global standards and industry practices.  With a Mapua education, a license in Civil Engineering, and over a decade of experience in project management, he brings extensive technical know-how to all project sites for he serves as the company’s man on the ground.  Though he is a man of few words, he more than makes up for it in action. He is well-versed in coordinating with clients, suppliers, and contractors to make sure projects run as smoothly as possible.


 AVA Consultancy, Inc. will be a leading provider of innovative project and construction management services that will help build lasting structures, enrich lives that will benefit from these projects, and will sustain its surrounding communities.


 AVA Consultancy, Inc. is committed to becoming the leading provider of comprehensive, systematic, and professional project and construction management services wherein every project plan is meticulously customized to meet the specific requirements of each client. Most importantly, AVAC aims to deliver on time, to be cost-effective, and to ensure clients’ expectations are not only met, but even exceeded.

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