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Delivering only excellence

AVAC is focused on meeting all the cost, agreed timeline and safety requirements across all projects we handle.  We strictly adhere to local and global industry standards, while taking a personal and customized approach, to ensure all specific requirements are met.  


AVAC brings passion and dedication to the field, said traits that push the team to place the client’s best interests on top — from conceptualization, planning, construction and to turn over.


Project and construction management is not an easy task. We make it a point to:

  • Represent and provide expert advice

  • Act in your best interest at all times

  • Comply with all rules and regulations

  • Meet quality and safety standards

  • Deliver projects on time and within budget


  1. Conception and Initiation

    Preparatory phase where we identify goals, requirements, and constraints.

  2. Configuration

    In-depth planning phase where we set the schedule and map the next steps.

  3. Launch and Execution

    Actual work on the project begins.

  4. Performance, Control, and Supervision

    Work continues under our control and supervision.

  5. Project Close
    Final phase where we turn over the project with every aspect perfect and every detail done according to plan.


AVAC is focused on cementing our reputation which we continuously build on a strong bedrock of trust and confidence from our clients  and suppliers.  As a growing company, we give utmost priority on premium quality service while offering competitive rates, thus building a better construction project experience.


In the era of COVID-19, we prioritize the minimization of virus exposure. Aside from the basic safety guidelines,

we ensure that everyone involved in the project must take into account the requirements mandated

by the city or local government units where the projects are built.

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