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Build your career with us

Looking to build your career in project and construction management?  AVA Consultancy, Inc. offers a work environment ideal for your professional growth.  A place where your passion is recognized, your opinions are heard, and your contributions are valued.  Our associates are our best asset, and we make sure they grow as the company grows.


Salary and Benefits

  • Competitive compensation

  • Health maintenance coverage

  • Leave and flexible work schedules

  • Bonuses and performance incentives

  • Assistance for professional development

  • Personal accident and group life insurance coverages

Beyond the Benefits

  • Learn from experts on the field

  • Work in a tight-knit company with a strong sense of camaraderie

  • Unique opportunities for career advancement in a young company

  • Be part of a team dedicated to lead innovation in the industry


Senior and Junior Construction Managers

As a Construction Manager (CM), your key responsibility will be to support the Project Director, Project Manager and lead CM during the pre-construction, construction and post construction phases of the project that will be assigned to you.  The general responsibilities are to document, plan, execute, control and close a project smoothly and successfully.

This includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • To report and be physically present at the site based on the required working hours.

  • Maintain construction site in a condition presentable to our customers and within the acceptable standards of AVAC.

  • Review and endorse start packages prior to beginning the construction of the project.

  • Conduct pre-construction meeting, if applicable, with client and oversee the construction, inspection and scheduling of the entire project using inspection forms, plans and procedures.

  • Plan and schedule all construction activities of the assigned project from start to finish.

  • Attend the required progress meetings such as weekly coordination meetings with the client, and client representatives such as authorized client personnel and consultants.

  • Attend the required progress meetings as scheduled with the architect, general contractor, third party consultants and other key supplier representatives.

  • Schedule and supervise general contractor activities in accordance with AVAC job schedules and designer’s signed or authorized scope of work.

  • Inspect and ensure that the work follows standard building codes.

  • Provide regular feedback to the lead AVAC Project Manager/Construction Manager and the AVAC Project Director(s) concerning the contractor’s timeliness and attention to details.

  • Communicate construction progress and completion dates to AVAC Project Team by accurately updating and submitting the scheduled reports.

  • Maintain and track all the construction documents at the job site so that all pertinent information is readily available to AVAC Management and to other field associates.

  • Work closely with the client, general contractors, and AVAC management team to ensure open communication on all matters; develop a strong environment conducive to proactive resolution of issues and strong commitment to producing a quality service.

  • Aid the client and client representatives with all outstanding client requests.

  • To make sure that outstanding client requests are clearly approved by the client and completed by the concerned suppliers in a timely manner.

  • To assure a solid vendor base, validate and actively communicate with suppliers the safety and quality requirements, and payment procedures.

  • Maintain a current working knowledge of all applicable building codes and OSHA job safety regulations, ensuring that AVAC’s safety program is compliant.

  • Secure AVAC’s property and protect it from theft, vandalism, and damage.

Site locations are within the Philippines.

For job openings, visit our Indeed and Jora pages, or send us an e-mail at 


Daniel Mandasoc Priela

Please be advised that the person whose full name appears above is not connected with AVA Consultancy, Inc. and therefore is not authorized to transact for and in behalf of our company. Said personnel did not proceed to his assigned project site location on July 2, 2023 and has been uncontactable ever since.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity and the experience I had in the company and I definitely would want to come back  and apply for a position once I graduated and have enough experience."

- Alden Navarro, BS Architecture at University of Santo Tomas

"The internship program provided me memorable and insightful experiences that made me want to improve my character as an architectural student and as a future professional.  Thank you po ulit sa inyo lahat sa AVAC."

- Diane Murrillo, BS Architecture at Polytechnic University of the Philippines


"My internship in AVAC not only allowed me to learn everything I wanted to know but they also provided me more! They exposed me to project meetings to let me observe how designers, contractors and project managers collaborate and compromise for a project, and always being on the site helped me familiarize things that I only see in the books.  I truly couldn't ask for more. Thank you very much for having me!"

- Ovalteen de Lara, BS Architecture at University of Santo Tomas


The AVAC Internship Program (AIP) is a crucial part of our hiring process.  The AIP provides interns valuable work experience, and instills in them the ethos of building better.

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For inquiries and applications, send us an email at

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